How We Do It

We can help you get your family memories “out of the shoebox” and onto your coffee table

How We Do It

As a designer I want to help tell your story in pictures and words, creating a book that is uniquely yours.  At Out of the Shoebox we recognize that busy schedules, work and family commitments can make these “when I get to it” projects seem impossible.  We can help you get your pictures “out of the shoebox” and onto your coffee table.

Where to Start:

  • Contact us with your project details and timeline and any questions you may have.  We will then give you an approximate completion time and price for your project.
  • Gather your photos, drawings, children’s art work and any other scanned items you would like to have in your book and send the material to us on a DVD, a USB flash drive or via a file sharing service.
  • If your materials are not in digital format (photos, slides, negatives) please refer to our Links section for recommendations on companies that can do this for you.
  • Once we receive your data we will start the design process and send you some sample pages for approval.
  • When the draft version is complete we will send you an online version to review and make changes.
  • Once changes are complete and design fee are paid, your book will be uploaded to Shutterfly ready for you to order.

Detailed steps for your project:

  • Fill out a Contact Us form with details of your project and any urgent timelines and any questions you may have.
  • You will receive a response within 24 hours.
  • Once you decide to proceed with your project send us your jpeg images on a DVD, USB flash drive or through a file sharing service provider such as Picasa, along with a cheque or money order for 50% of the suggested design fee.
  • Once we receive your data and review your files we will help you to decide on your design features (book size, number of pages, backgrounds, text format).  We will also advise of any editing required (the first hour of editing is included in our design fee).
  • Samples will be sent to you online to review and approve page layout and backgrounds.
  • When we complete your project we will send you an online version to review and to determine if you would like any changes.  The first revision of this draft is included in our design fee.  There may be additional charges for continued revisions or additional materials to be added after the first draft.
  • Out of the Shoebox is a design only company.  Once your book has been completed and you are satisfied with your design a final design payment will be required.   Once payment is received materials will be returned to you and your book will be uploaded to Shutterfly, ready for you to order.

About the Books

There are many styles and designs to choose from ranging from 5x7, 7x9, 8x8, 8x11 and 12x12. Most books sizes are available in soft cover, hard cover, fabric (suede, satin, cloth) or leather. The minimum book size is 20 pages (10 double sided pages). The maximum book size is 100 pages


Once your virtual photo book is finalized and you are satisfied with the design you will be directed to the Shutterfly website to order the printed copy of your photo book.
Please click on our Shutterfly link for more information on their photo book products and ordering instructions


Q: How long will it take you to complete my photo book?

A: On our Contact Us form please indicate the approximate number of pictures, any deadlines you have, and what book style you think you would like. We will give you an estimate