Get Away From The Ordinary – Seven Ideas for Not So Ordinary Photo Books

When it comes to photo books many of us start with the obvious: wedding books, baby books, travel books and a year in review top the list. I think it is time to think outside the box and start getting creative with our photo books.

Listed below are 7 photo book ideas to get you thinking about starting your own unique project.

1. Are you a gardener? Why not take time to photograph your garden in all its glory and make a photo book of your favorite garden pictures. If your wife is the gardener why not take some shots of your favorite parts of the garden and put them into a photo book for her. During those long winter months she will enjoy that book over and over.

2. Are you a photographer? Showcasing your favorite shots in a photo book is a wonderful way to show off your work, see how your photography skills have progressed over the years, and it is an opportunity to revisit some wonderful memories.

3. Are you an artist? Do you have a sense of remorse when you sell a painting, are you letting go of a part of yourself? Why not take pictures of your best work (or have a professional do it) and include them in a lovely coffee table quality book. Aside from great memories this can be a wonderful marketing tool when you are exhibiting your paintings.

4. Are dinner parties your passion? Why not photograph them: from planning a theme, writing the menu, picking out the wine, preparing the food, presenting the meal and enjoying family and friends around the table. A photo book built around a special dinner party can be a wonderful way to preserve the moment. It also makes a wonderful gift for those hard to buy for friends and you will get extra points for being so creative.

5. Are you moving from the family home? Are you downsizing now that the kids have moved away from home? Make time to take photographs of your home before you move. Include pictures of your yard, your hobby room, entertainment room, wherever you have fond memories. You can include old photos as well, perhaps the day you moved into the house, your first Christmas in the house, birthday parties or family celebrations that took place in the house. Take time to tell the story of the house. Do you have special neighbours that you would like to include, or perhaps you are really going to miss the neighbourhood outdoor rink. Think about what you will miss the most about your house and include it in a photo book that will capture those moments. Extra copies given to your children will become a special memento.

6. Do you have a family pet? Sadly our pets do not live as long as we do. Take time to put those special moments together into a photo book. The first day home as a little puppy, photos of the many adventures of puppy training, interaction with the kids, time in the backyard, or walking in the park. Everyone will enjoy their own copy of those memorable times.

7. Do you have a Grad to be in your house? We often spend a significant amount of money on graduation photographs to commemorate the event. Instead of just graduation photos why not put together highlights of the entire school experience. Collect those photos of the first day of school, class photos, school activities (the track meet or the drama club presentations), scan any special awards to include in the book. Include pictures of special friends from grade school, junior high and high school and watch those school days unfold. It takes some planning and work to gather up the memories, but in the long run it will have more significance than the posed photo in graduation garb.

With the upcoming holiday season approaching this is a great time to look around and see what special times you want to capture, what are your waiting for!

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